Ghosts on Oak Island -- continued from Kickstarter


This is a continuation for the Kickstarter campaign. You can pre-order your game now and have it delivered this December, the same time the kickstarter delivery is scheduled, early to mid December (in time for the Holidays)

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There has been a delay, covid quarantine has caused about a two week delay and we were having issues with printing, however the printers are keen on quality and are putting a UV coating on the prints, we should get them back Thursday 12/31. The game box should be ready and we will begin delivery this weekend starting Jan 2nd


We have put addional sales on hold temporarily until production can be fully back up and running. Apologies for the delays we are working diligently to complete this campaign and get back in full swing


Story (from kickstarter)

   As a special bonus for pledging and bringing this game to life, we are delivering this game in time for the Holidays this year. Currently scheduled to deliver early to mid December 2020. The main reason we can do this is due to our manufacturing being located in the Dallas area and we are using local vendors if needing to scale up production. This game is proud to be Made in USA.

We need more work to be done, support us by making a generous pledge and tell your friends and even order an extra for a nice holiday gift. We want to upgrade the graphics in several areas still, Bubblelazer Art created the new cover art and that is the style we want to see in a few more areas so pledge often to help us bring this to life.

Setup for four players

Presenting artwork from Bubblelazer Art, a known artist in the D&D character creation arena, and we are grateful to be working with her.

Ghosts on Oak Island is a strategy board game for 2-6 players ages 8 to adult.

Players must outwit and out speed each other, overcome various perils, acquire camps from pirates, viking, and a knights Templar, acquire equipment and a map to get to the Island and treasure.

You find yourself in an ethereal world of Ghosts, trapped until the treasure is found. Work your way around the island to find the proper equipment, battle other players, steal gold and equipment to unlock the map, then making your way using your skills to acquire other small treasures and the final treasure, releasing the ghosts, setting them free.

What comes in the box ?

Not to scale, components may change without notice

Pirate - Charlotte Badger


Pirate - Black Beard


base art for the cover and in preparation for the camp cards

Game Rules - Draft


Now on Tabletop Simulator .. if anyone would like to play, contact us and we can set up a time


Lake Leafty Review - from Everything Board Games        link to review

Final Thoughts:

Once again after I got past the mechanics of using the tabletop simulator that I played it on, I quite enjoyed the game.

It was more than your typical roll and move game. I'm thinking it might possibly be a bit more fun with a higher player count than the 2 that we played at.

I enjoyed how each player got to do each different phase before moving onto the next phase. This seems like it would be a great thing to keep those players that might get bored easily more engaged than some other games might. I would love it if there were other options of chance in the bag you draw from but I understand what the designer was doing with it. I also appreciate the fact that the game isn't just slapped together and he's having people do actual math to make sure the economics work and make sense. Overall, I can't wait until I can get the final production copy of Ghosts on Oak Island to my table. Feel the same way? Then make sure to back Ghosts on Oak Island TODAY!

Fun Times !!

Matt and Madalynn Rae having a good ole time

Project Plan

General Timeline

Stretch Goals

Stretch Goals as based on the Kickstarter Campaign

Made in USA

This game is made locally in the Dallas Ft Worth area, with my own manufacturing plus working with several very good vendors, outsource when needing to scale up.

This is one reason we can produce and ship the game before the holidays. We are proud to be working with great talent right here in town and a few other vendors all within the US.

Help bring this game to life and you will be helping provide work in the USA